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Wangensten AS is a family company that today is run by the 4th generation of rakfisk manufacturers. Every year we produce more than 150 tons of rakfisk for the Norwegian market, making Wangensten the biggest producer of rakfisk in the country. This typical tradition Norwegian fish product is much admired for its rich taste and old preparation methods.


Our family has been producing rakfisk at the Færden farm for generations, but the name rakfisk itself dates back to the year 1348. Starting already in the 1800s, we caught trout from the surrounding lakes, to process them into Rakfisk. This product has been synonymous with the area Valdres, and we are proud to call it a true local product, based on the old traditions.

What is Rakfisk?

Rakfisk is a traditional Norwegian conservation method based on the fermentation process. The fermentation of food is when the basic ingrediets have been exposed to enzymes and microorganisms that change the biochemistry of the food. Simplified, we can say that the process has a lot in common with the way cheese is produced.

This method adds some values to the fish, with regards to its higher nutrition level, changed taste, increased storage abilities and easier digestion. We use the slowest process with a low temperature to ensure the very best quality possible.

The cooling line is always uninterrupted from the fish farming site to the production site in Valdres. Our production area in Leira in Valdres contains a high standard of equipment and is specially made for this production. The very best equipment is used for cleaning the air, cooling and disinfection. All staff is thoroughly trained and proud to work here.

Rakfisk from trout

We only use the freshest trout for our rakfisk. The fish is cleaned thoroughly before it is salted and put in layers in buckets. Then it is covered with brine before it is put away for maturation. This process relies upon both time and temperature. The maturation will continue in the package until it is eaten by the consumer.

Strict regulations

Modern production of rakfisk is subject to strict rules and regulations. Samples are taken regularly from both the raw materials and the finished products to ensure only the very best quality reaches the market.

A feast at the table

Year after year the rakfisk championship confirm the quality that we believe in and work so hard to achive. We are now the biggest manufacturer in the country. When there is a piece of rakfisk from Wangensten you should be prepared for a feast on the plate.

Where can we buy?

Wangensten Rakfisk can be bought in all the four major supermarket Chains in Norway.
Just ask them if they don't have it in your local store:
- Meny, Spar, Kiwi, Joker
- Rema 1000
- Coop